Love Program

Technician:        Hello. What can I do for you?

Customer:          I have been thinking about the ‘Love program’ it is quite interesting. Could you please tell me how to install the program?

Technician:        My pleasure. Are you ready to install?

Customer:          Umm…I’m not sure I don’t know much about computer but I think I am ready. What do I have to do before install the program?

Technician:        First of all you have to open your heart

Customer:          No problem but I currently running other programs too, is it going to be a problem if I am not closing them before install new program?

Technician:        What programs you are running at the moment?

Customer:          Let me check…there are ‘painful from the past’, ‘low self-esteem’, ‘jealousy’, ‘dissatisfaction’, and ‘anger’ programs. These are all program I’m running now.

Technician:        No problem. The ‘Love program’ will slowly fade ‘painful from the past’ from operating system. It will still be in your memory though but it will not disturb other program function, don’t worry.

For ‘low self-esteem’ program will be gone because one part of ‘Love program’ contains how to see value in you and create self-esteem in stead and it will be slowly replaced until the ‘low self-esteem’ gone for good

But you have to close the program ‘jealousy’, ‘dissatisfaction’, and ‘anger’ because these programs will block ‘Love program’ to install. Could you please turn off those programs I just mention?

Customer:          To be honest. I don’t know how to close those programs.

Technician:        ok. Follow my instruction please, you go to start menu then open ‘forgiveness’ program you have to run this program until all ‘jealousy’, ‘dissatisfaction’, and ‘anger’ has been totally erased

Customer:          ok. I will keep doing it. I can see the ‘Love program’ start installing itself now. Is it normal that the program install by itself?

Technician:        Yes. But don’t forget that this is only basic program you have to connect to other’s heart in order to upgrade your ‘Love program’ to a higher version

Customer:          Oops! There is an error message shows on the screen saying ‘the program can not connect to the outside’ what should I do?

Technician:        Don’t worry. It means that ‘Love program’ has been installed in your heart already but the program will not be able to use until you start to have ‘self-esteem’ and start to see value in you first and then you will be able to love others and start connecting to them.

Customer:          what I should do then?

Technician:        could you please move ‘self acceptable’ down then click on the file, it will show, ‘self forgiveness’, ‘seeing value in you’ and ‘knowing yourself limited and acceptable’

Customer:          yes I got them.

Technician:        ok. Then copy all those files into the directory ‘My heart’ the system will manage the problem files and correct the fault files but you have to delete ‘talking negative about yourself’ and ‘other judgement’ files from directory and please don’t forget to delete them in your recycle bin too to make sure that it is totally deleted from your directory and will not come back to cause distress in the future

Customer:          ok. Thank you for your help. There are so many new files show in ‘My heart’ now. ‘Smile’ is running on my screen, ‘peace’ and ‘pleasure’ and copying itself to ‘My heart’ is this normal?

Technician:        yes. It takes some time for someone but finally it will show at the appropriate time. Now you ‘Love program’ has been installed and running. There is one thing I would like to let you know before hang up ‘Love program’ is free software please share with the others. The “Love” you share with the others will not be the same to each individual and it will be passed on to another person and part of it will come back to you and then your ‘Love program’ will upgrade itself to higher version

Customer:          I will share this ‘Love program’ with the others. Can I have your name please?

Technician:        you can call me ‘Mind creator’ or ‘I am’ for short. Most people thought they have to do their heart check-up once a year in order to make sure that their heart is in a healthy condition but for someone like me (‘Mind creator’ or ‘I am’) would say you don’t need to do that as long as you keep on taking care of your ‘Love’ to maintain its daily practice that should be enough for your program to run for life.

I hope everyone who read this know how to install this program in you and wish you have healthy love and all the best in the relationship

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