Koh Sam Seb

Located in the Eastern Plains of Sambo Wildlife Sanctuary, this community is managing Ecotourism with technical support from NTFP. It’s nice place for camping trip on the island of Mokong and experience swimming, boating and Birdwatching for Mekong iconic species — Mekong Wagtail, River Lapwing, River Tern, Small Pratincole and many more DDF species e.g. Woodpeckers, Crested Serpent-Eagle, Lesser Adjutant, White-shouldered Ibis, Giant Ibis etc. You may need at least 2 nights to explore this tremendous landscape of Mekong and Cambodia Bird Guide Association may help arrange this trip with bird experts and you may reach them by http://www.birdguideasso.org

Asian Woollyneck
River Lapwing
White-shouldered Ibis
Black headed Woodpecker

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